Dover, Kohl & Partners

Design is the key to livable communities

The Dover, Kohl & Partners team is focused on revitalizing traditional towns, building great new places, growing neighborhoods, and fixing sprawl — by design


We create visions that guide the future of neighborhoods, cities, and regions. Our revitalization plans, new community designs, corridor plans and regulatory tools nurture valuable places where people want to be. Since 1987, our projects have ranged in scale from the redevelopment of a single city block to master plans that cover thousands of square miles. We work directly with developers, community leaders and citizens in an interactive, engaging way. While each assignment is different, the keys are quality urban design, a collaborative multidisciplinary approach, and ready-to-use implementation tools.

Designs that Add Value

Plans that Endure


Our “Designing in Public” approach yields a hands-on, immersive and visual experience—and a better plan. We merge design studio, policy-making, and town meetings into one seamless operation. Dover-Kohl provides design, consulting, illustration, and events involving the full spectrum of public and private stakeholders to devise each community’s distinctive plan.